This is our basic insulation package when fiberglass is preferred.
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• Attic Hatch

Top off to the desired R-Value with Fiberglass

5% Estimated
Energy Savings

Fiberglass Insulation

Insulate and Block Attic Hatch
Insulate and Block Attic Hatch
Attic Hatch Blocking
Attic Hatch Blocking
Fiberglass is one of the most common types of insulation. If your insulation is pink, white, or yellow and fluffy like cotton candy in appearance, you’ve got fiberglass. There are several situations that call for fiberglass, and many consumers prefer it. If you do choose fiberglass, it is important to remember that air sealing is especially critical with this type of insulation and the fiberglass needs to be installed at the proper density to be fully functional.
Insulate and block attic hatch
The attic hatch is often under insulated. First, we will insulate the hatch to R-30 with fiberglass insulation. Then, we will install a barrier around the attic hatch; this prevents the insulation from falling into the home when the hatch is removed.

Top Off to the desired R-Value
We will top off your insulation to the desired R value with fiberglass blown-in insulation. Using the manufacturers chart, we can determine the number of bags of insulation to use based on the R- value being added and the square footage of the attic. This insures the proper density and performance.